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VIKINGS: The Exhibition

Bloodthirsty plunderers. Pillaging warriors. Seafaring traders. What do we really know about Vikings?

Explore the myths and stereotypes of this ancient culture, in Vikings: The Exhibition opening November 4, 2017. Offering a fresh and contemporary look into the Viking Age, Vikings is an extraordinary window into the lifestyle, religion, and daily lives of these legendary explorers, artisians, and craftsmen. Encounter objects rarely displayed outside of Scandinavia in this compelling exhibition that challenges the perceptions of the Viking Age through hundreds of objects, interactives, and immersive experiences.

Monday, April 2

Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen's Park, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C6

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James McCoy

James McCoy 6/4/2018

I study Scandinavian history and mythology and Vikings topic is familiar to me. Their impressive lifestyle and experience, their beliefs and customs - all that confirms the development of a person's consciousness. Some of my sketches on Vikinga history are published on in the section Culture and History (arts and mythology perspective).