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Steven Heinemann: Culture and Nature

For the past thirty-five years, acclaimed Canadian artist Steven Heinemann has transformed the medium of ceramics in Canada. Working in varying scale, Heinemann explores the paradoxes between culture and nature, deliberation and chance, interior and exterior surfaces, all within the tightly controlled ceramic vessel.

This timely retrospective exhibition examines Heinemann’s fascinating and evolving process to reveal how he exploits a limited series of gestures, textures, pigments, and images to achieve his wondrously tactile bowls, pods, and other vessel-shaped forms that embody the polarities between life and nature.

Heinemann works on a single piece for months or even years, living with it, firing it multiple times to achieve the desired result, and reworking the surface by sandblasting, scratching, polishing, and sometimes stenciling to evoke glyph-like imagery.

The exhibition also delves into the artist’s creativity and inspiration, and particularly how his interest in ecology, cosmology, and ancient artifacts inform his lyrical investigations of containment, volume, and ornamentation

Sunday, January 21

Gardiner Museum
111 Queens Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C7

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