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Quantum: The Exhibition

Delve into the realm of the subatomic, where particles, forces and fields reign supreme. Deepen your understanding of quantum mechanics as you learn about superposition, entanglement and uncertainty. Discover that things at the subatomic level behave very differently from those at the macroscopic level, defying our human-scale intuition.

See how physicists like Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Erwin Schrodinger and others advanced and reconceived the theoretical framework for quantum mechanics over time.

Building on the basics, examine how quantum mechanics and today’s information technology are merging to create technologies and applications that will revolutionize how we live, work and play – from bits to qubits.

Through hands-on exhibits, informational videos and multimedia games, explore the fascinating world of quantum theory and get a new perspective on how the world works.

Sunday, January 6

Ontario Science Centre
770 Don Mills Rd., Toronto, Ontario M3C 1T3

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