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Miracle on Mercer Street

This winter, The Second City finally brings back its most beloved holiday show with The Second City Family Holiday Show, Miracle on Mercer Street!

Featuring The Second City’s adorable puppet troupe and their funny human friends, Miracle on Mercer St. tells the story of a 13 year old girl who spends the winter holiday visiting her grandmother in the town of Hollydale. But the town is being torn apart as the residents clash over their different traditions, and by a dastardly mayor’s plan to chop down the town’s oldest tree. Can the townspeople come together to save the tree, and enjoy the holidays in peace?

Miracle on Mercer St., is filled with comedy magic that will put smiles on the faces of children and adults alike. The Toronto Star calls The Second City’s Miracle on Mercer St. “a holiday delight…with four talented young performers, a witty script both written and directed with style by Reid Janisse, and a truly tuneful score by Glenn James that will keep you humming after you leave the theatre.”

Friday, January 5

The Second City
51 Mercer Street, Toronto, Ontario M5V 9G9

Event Type

Family-Friendly, Music & Comedy