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Listening to Art, Seeing Music

Join Aga Khan Museum for a truly unique, multi-sensory experience as the Aga Khan Museum transforms into a mesmerizing world of music celebrating the living traditions of the Muslim world and their interaction with other cultures through time and space.

Immersive musical soundscapes and video installations featuring music from the Mediterranean, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Central Asia combine with intimate displays of Middle Eastern instruments and related artifacts from the Museum’s Permanent Collection to invite visitors on a spellbinding journey of discovery. Spaces throughout the Museum — including the Bellerive Room, the Museum Collections, and even our Diwan restaurant — will come alive through and with music.

Listening to Art, Seeing Music offers ample opportunity to engage directly with musicians and musical traditions. At the heart of it all, in the Museum’s central courtyard, a Mongolian yurt — traditionally a warm communal gathering space and shelter from the elements — welcomes visitors to listen to live music, join musical conversations, experience stories of music-making, and share a cup of tea.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Aga Khan Museum
77 Wynford Dr, North York, ON M3C 1K1

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