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Hair We Are

Part of the Community Arts Space: What we long for
The Youth Project
Co-presented by Art Starts

The beauty salon and barbershop have long served as special places for the Black community. They not only provide hair care services, but act as sanctuaries for people to congregate and escape.

Led by artist Igho Diana, VIBE Arts recreates a contemporary beauty salon environment that explores self-care and how concepts of beauty have evolved through time and cultures. Reflecting on selected works from the Gardiner’s European Earthenware and Porcelain Collections, including objects from the boudoir and female-only social spaces from the 15th to 18th centuries, the Youth Project will focus on how racialized girls and young women can use their lived experiences to recontextualize and challenge historical objects, bringing their own histories to the forefront.

This interactive exhibition is the culmination of a series of self-care, hair care, and storytelling workshops with young women at Art Starts’ main hub in Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

Wednesday, July 24

Gardiner Museum
111 Queens Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C7

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