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Future of Deep Mining Conference

Dear Deep Miners,

Globally, future underground metal mines will be deeper and hotter; they must become more safe, productive and profitable. In 2017 Deloitte (Tracking the Trends) estimated that mine productivity declined by 30% in the last decade. To recover, mines will have to use new technologies and the adaptation of older ones, improving access development, production systems, materials handling, ore up-grading and energy usage. Digital technology is already making some improvements possible, but the true promise of the digital revolution is to unlock the value trapped in the inefficiencies of current practice.

The challenges associated with sustaining and growing Canada’s mining industry are reflected in mines around the world, all subject to very similar constraints and all demanding very new solutions. To achieve a safer and more profitable future for the sector within a decade, the Future of Deep Mining Conference aims to identify future R&D needs and show how mines can rise to the challenge of implementing critical innovations in very difficult operational settings.

The Future of Deep Mining Conference 2019 will bring together a broad array of deep mine operators, solution providers, the mining research community, and those within allied industries that want to learn how to bring their solutions to meet the needs of this emerging marketplace. We look forward to meeting and collaborating with everyone in mining that wants to help build Safe, Smart and Profitable underground mines in Canada and around the world.

See you in Toronto!

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Friday, September 20, 2019

One King West Hotel & Residence 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1

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