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Fujahtive & The Sattalites Live Reggae

Little Redstone Custom Homes presents Fujahtive and Sattalites so you can shake off the winter blues at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern featuring two legendary Toronto Reggae band and their blazing horn sections.

Tickets are $15 advance online or $20 at the door in support of Family Mediation & Resource Centre , a one of a kind non-profit organization in Ontario, who is helping families and community members settle their disputes outside of Court.

Fujahtive are the "This Is Anvil" of Reggae playing music together out of pure love for music ever since they met in high school starting in 1986. Fujahtive toured Canada extensively through the 90’s and 2000’s. The band's video for Send Fi Mi Girl from their first album "In Black and White" was one of the first Reggae songs in regular rotation on Much Music. Their first album In Black and White was winner of the Prestigious Canadian Reggae Music Award and their second album "The Sound" was nominated for a Juno Award.

Sattalites are one of the most influential Reggae bands in Canadian history. Jo Jo Bennett and Fergus Hambleton, the first members of The Sattalites, met while touring with reggae singer afreen and the pair began performing together, mixing Bennett's instrumentals with Hambleton's smooth alto voice to create the unique Sattalite sound. The band started as a teaching group who opened The Sattalite Music School on a pay-what-you-can basis to spread their influence in 1981. The Sattalites consisted of various types of students from the school who wanted a sense of live performing. By 1982, The Sattalites had melded into a collaboration of musicians from exceptionally talented beginners to experienced pros, some of whom still perform. They became very well known for their enthusiastic live performances which initiated their extensive touring across Canada and the United States. It was the only Canadian band ever invited to play at Jamaica's "Sunsplash", playing before 25,000 people, and they gave an excellent performance at the 1993/94 World Skiing Championship in Whistler, British Columbia. As two-time Juno winners, The Sattalites are known as Canada’s longest standing reggae group.

Saturday, February 3

Horseshoe Tavern

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Music & Comedy




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