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Everything is Great Again

Trump is in the White House and O'Leary is on the rise. Are we reaching the era of peak a$$hole? We're still trying to figure this all out, but we know laughing helps! The Second City has created a deliriously funny show to help you forget that the world is in imminent danger of ending..well for at least 2 hours anyway.

On stage now, Tuesday to Sunday until July 2017

Tickets starting at $26, Show times will vary. Visit us at today

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Second City
51 Mercer Street, Toronto, Ontario M5V 9G9

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Music & Comedy


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chad 5/7/2019

This is very different than labeling a student as 'dumb' and therefore giving them the 'dumb' worksheet to work on while providing the 'smart' kids with the 'smart' worksheets. So much so that there are no worksheets.