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Come From Away

It’s been called the “edge of the world.” The weather is wild, but the locals never lack for warmth. And it’s here, in Newfoundland, where a remote town became the epicenter of a remarkable true story filled with unusual characters, unexpected camaraderie and uncommon generosity. 

COME FROM AWAY is the breathtaking new musical that Toronto has embraced with open arms and has audiences leaving the theatre night after night claiming they are “proud to be Canadian!”

Written by Tony nominated Canadians Irene Sankoff and David Hein, and helmed by Tony-winning Best Director, Christopher AshleyCOME FROM AWAY "takes you to a place you never want to leave!" (Newsweek)

Sunday, January 20

Royal Alexandra Theatre
260 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1H9

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Theatre & Performing Arts


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Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson 4/14/2019

I am quite certain I’ll learn many new stuff right
here! Best of luck for the next!

Coco Love

Coco Love 2/21/2019

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luis polay

luis polay 2/19/2019

John Spellman

John Spellman 2/7/2019

Go early in the morning and make sure you take something to eat and drink. Try to ask some locals about the place before you take the off-road route. All in all, the trip is enjoyable.

John Spellman

John Spellman 2/7/2019

This place is nice and provide an idea of what is the force of nature. It is recommended to go there with off-road cars and bring drinking water just in case. The location is so remote that there is no mobile phone connection, so do not go alone or nobody will know if you are in need of help.

John Spellman

John Spellman 2/7/2019

Surprisingly, it is my first visit at this place. I would strongly recommend this for thrill and adventure seekers who wants to challenge themselves. The view is breathtaking and you wouldn’t even bother what was below the cliffs. Better arrange a trip early morning to catch the sunrise and the cool morning breeze. Picnic is allowed on the car parking areas so bring with you your camping mats and of course the food to share. Try to be prepared for long walks up and down the hillside rocky mountain to have the full Edge of the World experience.

John Spellman

John Spellman 2/7/2019

if you can get a group of friends together to drive to the edge of the world you will not be disappointed. a great outdoor hike up over the cliffs, stunning views once you reach the top. friendly locals camels goats and sheep along the route.. its a lot of fun. we finished the day off with a picnic under the shade of some near by trees. and its all free