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Brit Floyd Immersion World Tour 2017

Covering every aspect of Pink Floyd’s career and every landmark album, and featuring a million-dollar light and video show, Immersion is the ultimate fan experience.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
1 Front Street East, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1B2

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Music & Comedy


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Samuel378 3/9/2019

The hotly anticipated rock event of the year returns, as Brit Floyd brings the music of Pink Floyd to life once again with its lavish new stage show Immersion World Tour 2017. The spectacle of a Pink Floyd concert experience is truly recaptured in high-definition sound, and with a stunning million dollar light show and state of the art video design

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Really interesting to read about Brit Floyd Immersion World Tour. In this tour Pink Floyd cover, every landmark album and special video show is arranged. It will be a great treat to all his fans and keep sharing more updates about this program.

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