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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Few books of any kind are as unique and have left such an imprint on culture as Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Beneath its surface blend of fantasy, nonsense, outlandish characters and a vivid dreamworld—an irresistible blend, especially for children—the book has a subterranean reach extending into the realms of philosophy, language, psychology and even mathematics. This has always made it an attractive text for other creative artists and choreographers are no exception. 

Sunday, March 17

Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts
145 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5H 4G1

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Theatre & Performing Arts


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prima saju

prima saju 3/15/2019

As part of the Toronto events, special events are taking place. Today's special events are Alice adventures in wonderland. its a dream world to irresistible blend especially with the children. All are invited for this function don't miss it.

Alina Juiz

Alina Juiz 3/13/2019

It tells of a younger lady named Alice falling through a rabbit hole into a myth global populated by using unusual, anthropomorphic creatures. Story shared by

siya bond

siya bond 3/8/2019

This has always made it an attractive text for other creative artists and choreographers are no exception.

Isabella Dominic

Isabella Dominic 3/7/2019

Alice in Wonderland is a good movie . That can entertain peoples of different age. The movie is about an imaginary world where a small girl named Alice reached. Some part of the movie is a cartoon and some are actual.

clara albert

clara albert 3/6/2019

A guest to the Liddell home saw the storybook and figured it ought to be distributed, so Carroll reconsidered and extended it. Showing up when youngsters' writing by and large was expected to show moral exercises.


maitrishah3 2/11/2019

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