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When the worst happens, what comes after? Under the stars, an interwoven group meets to find connection through adversity. Judith Thompson returns with a new play performed and informed by a cast of artists who are blind, deaf, brain injured and living without limbs.

Thursday, May 24

Young Centre for the Performing Arts (Soulpepper)
50 Tank House Lane, Distillery Historic District, Toronto, Ontario M5A 3C4

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Theatre & Performing Arts


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John Kennedy

John Kennedy 11/14/2018

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Kelli M. Worthington

Kelli M. Worthington 11/7/2018

Wow a play performed by artists who are not able to listen or see anything injured and without limbs, it is interesting to see that i want to watch that how they perform and i also research about Judith Thompson she is very good playwright and also won different awards and i am now working my on motivation how without limbs lots of people do their daily routine work like Nick Vujicic.

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