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The Aga Khan Museum’s 2018 fall performing arts season presents Noor,

a modern day coming-of-age story of loss, love and the power of poetry.   Staged inside the intimate setting of the Aga Khan Museum’s Mongolian yurt, this new play written by Erum Khan and directed by Erin Brubacher, will be brought to life by the talented collective of performance artists, Generous Friend. Song and poetry will be performed alongside original music by JUNO-nominated sitarist Anwar Khurshid and the world music of LAL, who fuse their South Asian and West Indian roots with jazz, hip hop, soul and electronica.

Set in current day Toronto, Noor is about a young woman embarking on adulthood who faces the absence of her mother and looks for shelter in a relationship with another young woman. Meanwhile, her father strives to establish a relationship with his daughter.  The complex characters struggle internally with identity, faith, belonging and displacement.

Tuesday, October 16

More dates through October 21, 2018

Aga Khan Museum
77 Wynford Dr, North York, ON M3C 1K1

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CarolineFlack 10/9/2018

My aunt passed away and my relative who is very near to me will sometimes remember about her mom and prevent to look at the air. I can feeling she really overlooks her mom. Whenever she is fed up she would cry informing us she overlooks her mom. So I realized I will be like that as . My mom is like a life line. Like something important for success. Witout her, i don't know what the terrible I would do. maybe I'll closed myself out from the entire globe. No one knows for sure, because everything is very simple said than done. But I think I will not endure it.