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Best is yet to Come Undone

The Second City crashes into the modern world in this brand new comedy commute down the hyper-conscious highway. An all-star cast weaves in and out of the danger zone, tackling our generation’s minefield of crushing clichés and relatable revelations. Don’t miss this unflinchingly honest laugh-tacular…with a magic touch you have to see to believe.

Saturday, August 18

More dates through December 30, 2018

The Second City
51 Mercer Street, Toronto, Ontario M5V 9G9

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Music & Comedy


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HelenColeman 8/16/2018

All my friends who using are planning to go to this event but i sadly can't go there because i am not living there.Do share the pictures.

Elizabeth David

Elizabeth David 8/14/2018

The second city crashed into the modern world in this brand new comedy commute on a highly conscious highway. An All-Star actor is weaving in a dangerous zone, dealing with the broken clichés and credulously exposed minefields of our generation


dulevot 8/8/2018

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Jedy Mark

Jedy Mark left a positive review 8/8/2018

Yes exactly I have attend such an event one year ago

Christene Burk

Christene Burk left a positive review 8/3/2018

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